Ceramic Pro CARE+


Ceramic Pro Care+ is standalone easy to apply coatings as well as premium maintenance solutions for Ceramic Pro coated surfaces.

Manufactured specifically to enhance the performance of Ceramic Pro 9H treated surface, Ceramic Pro Care+ will encapsulate the features of the coating and increase its longevity.

Ceramic Pro Care+ is a solvent-based, easy to install coating, ideal as both a stand-alone ceramic treatment and an aftercare booster to maintain an already ceramic coated surface.

Just spray it on a clean surface of a car, wipe it dry with a microfiber towel and let it cure for at least 4 hours. The surface may be dry or wet, just make sure it is not hot to avoid instant curing of the coating. Ceramic Pro Care+ can be applied on surfaces protected with any ceramic coating, as well as used as stand-alone product. A superior replacement to wax, it will increase the gloss of clearcoat, make it easy to maintain, protect it from UV damage and water spots.


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