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These days, mobile phones are so much more than a means of communication. They offer instant access to shopping, messaging, gaming, streaming, keeping up to date with the news and staying in contact with your world via social media. It’s also worth noting that, as technology gets ever more complex, ever more user-friendly and ever more fashionable, that for many people their phone is also an important status symbol.

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Given the importance of your phone, why use a bulky mass-produced cover and an often unreliable screen protector to keep it from harm? Here at Detayling, you can have your phone looking and feeling like it’s straight out of the box, and it will be protected from the likes of moisture, grit, sand, oil, grease and so much more. And minor scratches will become a thing of the past, something you used to worry about.

Just call 01382 200 210 to find out more about protecting your phone with Detayling.

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