Aviation Detailing

We offer a premium detailing service, using specific products and coatings explicitly formulated for the harsh environments faced in aviation and marine environments.

For both the exterior and interior of your aircraft, we cover everything from paint correction and enhancement to deep interior cleaning and surface protection to preserve the appearance, minimise deterioration and significantly reduce maintenance.

Ceramic Pro is the global #1 ceramic coating for aircraft, marine and automotive protection – hands down. We are delighted to be accredited professional installers, bringing your the ultimate ceramic coatings for your aviation requirements.

Why Ceramic Pro?

Ceramic Pro has proven formulations, used on private planes and jets across the globe which offer unrivalled protection from environmental and chemical contaminants while providing excellent gloss and a significant reduction in maintenance.

Furthermore, specifically designed for extreme environments, specially formulated Ceramic Pro coatings have a thermal resistance from -50C to 1200C.

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