Every surface in your kitchen – worktops, cupboard doors, sink tops, floors, windows, appliance doors and more – will regularly fall victim to spillages, staining, condensation, steam, splashes and the like. The end result can be a kitchen that looks messy, is home to unpleasant odours and becomes a haven for potentially harmful bacteria. It really doesn’t have to be this way.


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The solution is a simple one. Here at Detayling, we can transform your kitchen in no time, leaving it looking gorgeous while protecting it from all kinds of damage, including scratches and scrapes as well as contaminants. Whether you’re arranging a multi-course extravaganza or simply fixing yourself a snack before bedtime, you can do so in a clean, safe environment that really catches the eye. To find out more about your fabulous future kitchen, just use the form on our Contact page or call us on 01382 200 210. We’re looking forward to having a chat with you soon.

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