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There is something wonderfully impressive about an iconic classic car that has been restored to its former glory and maintained to the very highest standards. Whether you drive your pride and joy on a daily basis, or you just take it out for a spin on a Sunday morning, or perhaps you only take it to shows and rallies in the summer, you’ll want it to look its best every time you see it.

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Here at Detayling, we’ve got the tools, the products, the skills and the experience to enhance the look of all classic and vintage cars, from any era and any manufacturer. We know how precious your vehicle will be to you, and that’s why we’ll talk you through all the options and all the processes before you hand over your keys. We also invite potential new clients to come and view our facility, giving them the ultimate confidence in our operation.

Your much-loved vehicle will, over the years, have been exposed to a great many damaging factors, including rain, mud, sunlight, contaminants, scratches, chemicals and more. Having said that, even if your car has never been properly detailed before, we can give it a new lease of life, a lustrous new look and a glorious air of sophistication.

Our processes can include the eradication of defects, dechroming, paint correction and more, both inside and outside. We offer a thorough and meticulous service based on years of experience and, crucially, the utilisation of the world’s best products and tools. Every project is a unique one, so we encourage our clients to choose the exact processes they need based on their budget and their requirements.

The assignment, that all-important path towards a stunning classic car that really turns heads, begins with a friendly chat, so call Detayling today on 01382 200 210 to start the ball rolling. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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