Paint Correction

There are a number of factors that can diminish the original look of your vehicle’s paintwork, such as incorrect washing methods, exposure to sunlight, pollution, grit, mud, scratches and bumps. The lustre that it had in the showroom can and will deteriorate over time, but with our help it can be restored to its former glory, thanks to our state of the art equipment, our meticulous attention to detail and the finest paint protection products in the world. And of course, it will be protected from the elements for a long time to come.

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The exhaustive approach from Detayling includes the correction of existing defects before we get on with the task of reinstating the deep, rich colour that your paintwork once had. This is achieved with the use of specially developed tools, pads, compounds and abrasives. It’s a process that takes time, of course, but the end result makes all that effort more than worthwhile.

Our services can include a number of different stages to not only correct the look of the paint but also to enhance it. Only when we are completely satisfied with the results will we move on to the protection stage. This can mean utilising sealants, ceramic coatings and paint protection films, in accordance with your requirements.

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It’s worth noting that you could definitely find someone cheaper than us, although we very much doubt the final finish will either be as attractive or as protected. Here at Detayling, we’re fully insured, we’re authorised users of Ceramic Pro, the manufacturer of the finest in paint protection and associated products, we provide all the aftercare you might need AND we use the latest technology to achieve the optimum results every time.

Every one of our projects represents a unique journey, and that’s why we insist on a bespoke approach to every single customer. We’ll talk through your needs before mutually deciding on a particular approach, we’ll explain every stage of the process and we’ll make sure you’re happy throughout. You’re not a number to us, and neither is your vehicle.

Whether you’ve just purchased a car and you want it to retain its brand new appearance or you have a jaw-dropping classic sportster and you’d like to protect it from the elements AND look superb, we can help. To find out more about our services, all it takes is a call to 01382 200 210. Making your car 100% beautiful and 100% protected has surely never been easier.

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