Paint Correction

Commonly referred to as paint correction, the process is that of enhancing and correcting the clearcoat or lacquer and not the paint itself.

Over time, due to several factors including improper washing, your clear coat deteriorates, losing lustre, clarity which diminishes appearance.

Marring (swirls), Random Isolated Defects and Scratches (RIDS) and Etching caused by water, bugs and bird lime reduce the clarity of your clear coat, dulling the finish.

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During correction and enhancement, we tackle these issues using a combination of tools, pads and compounds/abrasives.

We aim to correct as many defects as possible, while removing as little of the clear coat (lacquer), thus increasing clarity, depth of colour and gloss.

Depending on your requirements, multiple stages of correction and refinement may be required to achieve the desired finish. Once we have reached this, we protect the finish with your chosen ceramic coating, sealant or paint protection film.

Of course, there is always “someone who will do it cheaper” – we would ask why?

  • Are they insured?
  • Are they affiliated to any professional organisation(s)?
  • Have they trained?
  • Do they understand the technology, to provide the best advice, achieve the right outcome and save you spending more than you needed?
  • Do they understand the right outcome differs for each project/client?
  • Do they provide aftercare/backup once you leave?
  • Is the product of the highest quality, or does it perform as stated?
  • Does/do the product(s) live up to all claims made about their performance?

Fortunately, we can say YES to all of the above, which our clients can vouch for AND we have a massive passion for what we do!

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