Paint Protection Film

Expertly developed and professionally fitted, the paint protection film service from Detayling provides the ultimate protection for your vehicle. Once protected, your surfaces offer eye-catching clarity, a glossier, more lustrous look and the ability to withstand scratches, scrapes, contaminants and more.

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Here at Detayling, we provide the finest paint protection film and the most meticulous process, designed to bring you the peace of mind you need. We work on bespoke projects, so if you want your whole vehicle protected or a small section such as the doorsills, bumpers or wing mirrors, we can make it a reality. From classic motors that have been in the family for generations to a glorious new purchase that’s fresh from the showroom, we offer the very best service solutions.

We have a number of packages that provide a range of options, but of course we also work on tailor-made assignments designed to match your requirements. To find out more, just call 01382 200 210 for a friendly chat.

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