About Detailing

At Detayling, we are as passionate about your investment as you are. Living and breathing what we do, we’ve made it our mission to provide you with the best available professional detailing services, outstanding results and only the best products available in the market today.

We have perfected our craft to take care of your treasured classic, every day car, boat or aircraft and ensure it is prepared, maintained and protected to unrivalled standards – we can even protect your home!

What do we do?

We enhance, finish and protect your paint, glass, leather and decorative surfaces.

Our intensive preparation utilises several tools and techniques before application of our range of finishing options that significantly enhance & protect the original surface.

We offer everything from paint correction, ceramic coatings and paint protection film to bespoke interior detailing, dechroming and window tinting. Detayling is the one-stop-shop for all your vehicle detailing, enhancement, customisation, restoration and protection requirements.

You will experience our welcoming atmosphere and consultative approach to ensure we understand your requirements and can meet and exceed your expectation.

Consistency and quality are of paramount importance, which is why we work from a fixed location rather than a mobile service, to eliminate changing temperature, light and weather affecting the standard of our work.

Our service doesn’t end there – we provide all of our clients with comprehensive aftercare and advice while having everything you may need to maintain our finish.

Detayling Services

The most comprehensive suite of services and payment options, we offer the complete detailing experience and an extensive range of services from our conveniently located, well-equipped studio. If that’s not enough, we are approved professional installers of the global leading Ceramic Pro coatings range and certified installers of KAVACA PPF.

We have gone the extra mile to gain professional certification, differentiating our knowledge, skill and ability from our competitors while providing you with validating of our extensive expertise and professionalism. As members of the International Detailing Association and holders of Certified Detailer Skills –

Validated Accreditation, we offer our clients peace of mind knowing their investment is in safe, professional hands.

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