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Paint Correction – What is it and why do I need it?

Paint correction, as it is commonly referred, is actually the process of enhancing and correcting the clear coat (lacquer) and not the paint itself.

Over time, due to a number of factors including improper washing, your clear coat deteriorates.

Marring (swirls), Random Isolated Defects & Scratches (RIDS) & Etching caused by water, bugs and bird lime all reduce the clarity of your clear coat, dulling the finish.

During correction & enhancement, these issues are tackled using a combination of machines, pads & compounds/abrasives.

Our aim is to correct as many defects as possible, whilst removing as little of the clear coat (lacquer), thus increasing clarity, depth of colour & gloss.

Depending on the requirement of a client, multiple stages of correction and refinement may be required.

Once we have achieved the desired result, we generally lock this in with a Ceramic Pro coating, however we do have alternatives as the client requires.

Of course, there is always “someone who will do it cheaper” – we would ask why?

  • Are they insured?
  • Are they affiliated to any professional organisation(s)?
  • Have they trained?
  • Do they understand the technology, how to achieve the right outcome or how to provide beat advice to save you spending more than you need to long term?
  • Do they provide aftercare/backup once you leave?
  • Is the product of the highest quality?
  • Does/do the product(s) live up to all claims made about their performance?

Fortunately, I can say YES to all of the above, which my clients can vouch for AND I have a huge passion for what I do!

I can’t wait to re-open and get back to what I love doing after all this is over!

Stay safe and get in touch if you think I can help!

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