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Marine Detailing

If you’re a boat owner, you’ll already be all too aware of the damage that your vessel can sustain, irrespective of what type of boat you have or where you regularly sail to. There are so many potentially harmful occurrences that can develop, including:

  • Extreme weather. This can be anything from hailstorms and snow showers to gale force winds and hurricanes.
  • Collisions. It’s worth noting that even the smallest of collisions with other craft, jetties or rocks can cause a great deal of damage.
  • Dock rash. If your vessel is moored up and rubbing against a dock wall or another vessel for a period of time, it can become liable to everything from small scratches to significant structural damage.
  • Submerged items. Damage from submerged objects is perhaps more common than you might think. Sandbars, shipwrecks, boulders, pilings and more can cause major problems, especially during low water level periods.

Exposure to salt water, ultraviolet light, extreme weather conditions and more can and will deteriorate the condition of your boat, resulting in costly repair bills, a reduction in efficiency and an increase in the need for regular maintenance.

Specially formulated marine coatings sourced from Gyeon and applied by Detayling surely have to be the answer. They will protect all areas of your vessel, above and below the waterline and even inside the cabin itself. There are so many reasons to go down this route, such as an eye-catching appearance, a smoother transition through the water and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve provided the ultimate protection. When it comes to marine paint protection in Tayside, we really should be your first port of call.

To find out more about the protective film process and what it can do for your vessel, call Detayling today for a friendly chat. We’re available right now on 01382 200 210, or you can use the online form on our Contact page. We hope to hear from you soon.

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