DeTayling Hydro 360 Snow Foam Lance


Our DeTayling Hydro 360 Snow Foam Lance offers precise control of your snow foam application.

With a  a fully adjustable spray pattern, the lance offers a full 360 degree rotation of the nozzle for horizontal or vertical application.

The Hydro 360 also features an adjustable foam injection dial so you can alter the density of the foam during application.

Ideal for use with DeTayling Pure Foam and DeTayling Citrus Foam.

With correct use of snow foam, you significantly reduce the risk of marring & subsequent damage to your paintwork.

We have a variety of adaptors & attachments available – Simply select the adaptor you require*.


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  • Attaches to pressure washer
  • Adjustable spray pattern
  • Allows you to adjust thickness of the foam
  • Wide neck bottle will not fall over

Size: 1 Litre wide neck bottle

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