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Wash Essentials Bundle


The complete, start-to-finish Wash Essentials bundle

Start safe washing today with all of the products you need & 2 essential accessories

Our Wash Essentials bundle includes all of our products you need to safely pre-wash and wash your vehicle in one convenient bundle, saving you time and money, whilst giving you professional results at home.


500ml DeTayling Citrus Pre-wash

500ml DeTayling Pure Foam

500ml DeTayling Fallout

500ml DeTayling Shampoo

1x Black Scratch Free Wash Mitt

1x Triple Twist Dual Drying Towel (Size: 45cm x 76cm – 1150 GSM)

Fast acting Ceramic Coating, PPF & Wax Safe Pre-Wash

If you are looking for a great value, highly efficient and safe Pre-Wash, DeTayling Citrus Pre-Wash is for you!


Key Features:  Ceramic coating, wax and PPF safe due to the non-caustic formula (unlike TFR), whilst being extremely effective and maintaining maximum cleaning power without being corrosive.

Effective for loosening road grime, particularly during the winter months and is effective against insects, mud, salt and biological contamination. Due to the concentrated formula, Citrus Pre-Wash can be diluted up to 25:1, offering maximum cleaning power and great value!

Furthermore, DeTayling Citrus Pre-Wash is effective for removing algae, moss, ideal for caravans, motorhomes, boats, textile convertible roofs and acts as a fantastic cleaner for tyres, engine bays and rubbers.

Ideal for cleaning tyres, rubbers and seals and effective removal of insects.

Scent: Lemon Sherbet
For further product information, visit the product specific page.

Our PH balanced, high density, non-caustic clingy snow foam, safe for use with Ceramic coatings, PPF and waxes.

Key Features: Pure Foam was developed with vehicle protection in mind and is safe for use on PPF, ceramic coatings and waxes, while still offering a superior clean.


Our formula is only PH 8.5 while concentrated and can be diluted up to 10:1 for great value whilst remaining super effective.

Scent: Wild Mint
For further product information, visit the product specific page.

DeTayling Shampoo is an ultra-concentrated, high lubricity PH Neutral Shampoo. Specifically developed for safe use with Ceramic Coatings, PPF & waxes, with no fillers, silicones or gloss enhancers.


Key Features: Free from waxes and polymers, DeTayling Shampoo is PH neutral and gently cleanses your vehicles surface whilst providing high lubricity with our ultra-concentrated formula which can be effectively diluted upo to 2000:1!

Scent: Grape/Berry
For further product information, visit the product specific page.

Super Active Professional Grade Iron Fallout Decontamination Spray

Fast acting, super effective clingy formula which visibly removes contamination


Key Features: DeTayling Fallout is a uses a PH balanced, professional strength formula for safe removal of iron deposits, which accumulate from brakes and atmospheric contamination, becoming embedded on the surface.

Fallout safely removes iron deposits from all vehicle surfaces including glass, bodywork and is safe for use on all wheel finishes.

Our viscous formula maximises efficiency and performance and long dwell times for safe removal of deposits and maximum efficiency.

Once applied, DeTayling Fallout reacts instantly, turning purple in colour whilst efficiently removing bonded contamination.

For further product information, visit the product specific page.

Our Premium scratch free microfibre wash mitt is manufactured using soft, dense microfibre to absorb your wash solution and provide a superior, thick lather.

The dense fibres safely remove dirt deposits from your vehicle surface leaving a clean, swirl free finish when used in conjunction with the safe wash method.

The mitt also provides superior grip from the internal textured surface.


An ultra-soft detailing brushes designed for use on sensitive surfaces.

DeTayling Ultra Soft brushes are ideal for light duty cleaning on delicate surfaces, reducing the risk of scratching.

Their metal-free construction ensures surfaces are safely cleaned, working well on any surface.

Softies are great for dusting and cleaning dashboards, high gloss trims, instrument dials, navigation screens, vents & woodwork. They are also ideal for cleaning any sensitive badges/emblems & delicate exterior trims.

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