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Citrus Pre-Wash

(5 customer reviews)


Fast acting Ceramic Coating, PPF & Wax Safe Pre-Wash

If you are looking for a great value, highly efficient and safe Pre-Wash, DeTayling Citrus Pre-Wash is for you!


Key Features:  Ceramic coating, wax and PPF safe due to the non-caustic formula (unlike TFR), whilst being extremely effective and maintaining maximum cleaning power without being corrosive.

Effective for loosening road grime, particularly during the winter months and is effective against insects, mud, salt and biological contamination. Due to the concentrated formula, Citrus Pre-Wash can be diluted up to 25:1, offering maximum cleaning power and great value!

Furthermore, DeTayling Citrus Pre-Wash is effective for removing algae, moss, ideal for caravans, motorhomes, boats, textile convertible roofs and acts as a fantastic cleaner for tyres, engine bays and rubbers.

Ideal for cleaning tyres, rubbers and seals and effective removal of insects.

Scent: Lemon Sherbet


DeTayling Citrus pre wash is highly concentrated pre-wash developed to be diluted to the required strength to remove up to 95% of visible dirt prior to contact washing, to reduce the risk of damaging paintwork.

DeTayling Citrus Pre-wash uses an emulsification method, where the molecules quickly attach and encapsulate dirt, prior to readily bonding to water during rinse to effectively cleanse the surface.

As a result, during the rinse, you are safely & efficiently removing dirt the product has adhered to.

DeTayling Citrus is formulated using biodegradable, non-caustic detergents, natural orange oil and a number of other active ingredients, making it not only one of the most powerful, but safe pre-wash products on the market.

Use DeTayling Citrus Pre-Wash at your desired dilution prior to your initial rinse to loosen up to 95% of visible dirt, safely and effectively.

Spray DeTayling Citrus Pre-Wash evenly over all areas of the vehicle where dirt is visible, such and mud, road grime, bird lime and insect deposits. Allow to dwell for around 1 minute, then rinse.

For moss, algae and black streaking found on boats, caravans & motorhomes, adjust dilution accordingly and increase dwell time prior to rinse.

Contact us for any further information or a specific project, where we’d be happy to assist!

Safe for use with Ceramic Coatings, PPF & waxes up to 5:1

Effective up to 25:1

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5 reviews for Citrus Pre-Wash

  1. GB

    Cuts through dirt with ease. Works great on wheels, tyres and bodywork. Agitate stubborn marks if need be or simply apply, allow to dwell then rinse. Comes as concentrate so dilute as required and lasts lots of washes. Very effective.

    • Ross

      Thanks for your kind review. Great for cleaning your tyres and engine bay also!

  2. David

    Without a doubt one of my favourite products when washing my car. Even with the current winter road conditions it removes most of the dirt without me even having to do a contact wash. Cannot recommend this enough.

    • Ross

      The safest way to remove dirt & grime for sure. Thanks for your review!

  3. Gordon C

    Used this a few week after getting the car ceramic coated and was amazed at how the dirt comes off after leaving it on for a few minutes.
    Definitely something that I would recommend before the snow foam.

    • Ross

      Thanks Gordon, glad you like it as much as we do!

  4. Ally

    I use the pre wash when cleaning my van and it works great cuts trough the dirt and makes washing easier

    • Ross

      Thanks for your review & glad Citrus Pre-Wash is making life easier.

  5. Peter Lindsay

    Fantastic product. Even I can use it.

    • Ross

      Thanks for your feedback Peter – glad you found our Pre-Wash easy to use!

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