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Fallout – Decontamination Spray

(4 customer reviews)


Super Active Professional Grade Iron Fallout Decontamination Spray

Fast acting, super effective clingy formula which visibly removes contamination


Key Features: DeTayling Fallout is a uses a PH balanced, professional strength formula for safe removal of iron deposits, which accumulate from brakes and atmospheric contamination, becoming embedded on the surface.

Fallout safely removes iron deposits from all vehicle surfaces including glass, bodywork and is safe for use on all wheel finishes.

Our viscous formula maximises efficiency and performance and long dwell times for safe removal of deposits and maximum efficiency.

Once applied, DeTayling Fallout reacts instantly, turning purple in colour whilst efficiently removing bonded contamination.


Fallout is a professional strength iron fallout remover which reacts with bonded iron particles, dissolving them for safe removal from all vehicle surfaces.


Our formula is highly effective and reacts immediately, visibly removing contamination.

DeTayling Fallout is best used following the safe wash process, to remove any loose/visible dirt form your vehicle bodywork & wheels.

Spray Fallout, standing downwind to avoid inhalation, across the entire vehicle and agitate as required prior to a thorough rinse. Do not allow the product to dry on the vehicle surface and avoid use in direct sunlight.

Wheels: Following Prewash, we apply Fallout directly on to the wheels, allowing to dwell & react. Agitate with a Wheel Wooly (barrels) & soft brush (faces) to avoid damage to the wheel surface, then rinse.


Bodywork: Following contact wash & tar removal with DeTayling Tar & Glue, apply Fallout over the whole vehicle, allowing to dwell & react, prior to rinse.


  1. If heavily contaminated, use a clean, damp microfibre to agitate & pull particles from the surface, as required prior to rinse. Repeat if necessary.
  2. Product can be diluted to maximise value, depending on severity of contamination – we recommend up to 8:1 maximum, however contact us if you need more guidance.

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4 reviews for Fallout – Decontamination Spray

  1. GB

    Satisfying to see it react and turn purple on wheels and paintwork. You don’t realise how badly the paint is contaminated until you see the colour change. Power wash off to reveal great results.

    • Ross

      Thanks for your review. Works brilliantly diluted for maintenance too, saving product waste.

  2. David

    Having satin black wheels make brake dust is one of the most annoying things to clean. You can’t see it when it’s wet and it clings to the textured finish on every surface. Detayling’s fallout remover meant that I never had to worry if I’d scrubbed every face of the wheel as simply spraying it on neat and rinsing off does most of the work for me.

    • Ross

      Great we could help maintain the finish of your wheels without the risk of damage! Thanks for your review.

  3. Scott Jarron

    Brilliant product! Being able to choose how diluted you want to use the product is great. I used it heavily diluted on wheels that were covered in brake dust and they cleaned up like new. Highly recommend!

    • Ross

      Thanks for your review and recommendation!

  4. Gordon C

    Use this every wash as it makes cleaning the wheels easy. Spray on leave for a few minutes and watch it turn purple, then give a brush around with a soft brush then blast with the pressure washer and the wheels are shinny and bright again.

    • Ross

      Thanks for your valuable feedback! Excellent for use on bodywork too – use for very few months (ideally post/pre winter as a minimum) to strip bonded contamination safely.

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