DeTayling Ultra Soft Detailing Brushes


An ultra-soft detailing brushes designed for use on sensitive surfaces.

DeTayling Ultra Soft brushes are ideal for light duty cleaning on delicate surfaces, reducing the risk of scratching.

Their metal-free construction ensures surfaces are safely cleaned, working well on any surface.

Softies are great for dusting and cleaning dashboards, high gloss trims, instrument dials, navigation screens, vents & woodwork. They are also ideal for cleaning any sensitive badges/emblems & delicate exterior trims.

Available in 2 sizes, the Small measures 16cm and the Large 24cm in length.


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  • After use, rinse thoroughly with clean water
  • Gently squeeze to remove excess water
  • Hang brush upside-down to dry between uses


  • Chemical resistant handle and ultra-soft bristles
  • Ergonomically designed handle with textured grip area
  • Metal-free construction to prevent scratching
  • Hanging hole for drying and storage after use

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